Soccer is passion. Played, lived and loved by more players and fans than any other sport on the planet. And 5-a-side soccer has its own special brand of passion. Fast, intensive, exciting, it’s the game suitable for just about any age and any ability. It’s also the perfect focus for any small group of friends who just want to play, especially when it’s delivered by the best provider in the market: WCW FA.

The English FA says there are now more people playing 5-a-side than there are 11-a-side. The reasons are obvious: you don’t need to spend all of your time recruiting a 15 person roster, you get many more touches on the ball and whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, you can play a great game and even develop your skills.

Four Plus One was created by a group of people who love the 5-a-side game, believe in it’s power to help grow the sport in the US and want to get as many people playing it as possible.

Unlike most other leagues, Four Plus One believes in playing within a purpose built ‘cage’ or enclosed pitch with boards around the edge. We use a specially built arena called ‘Soccer Stadia’ which was made in England and shipped here for our use. The stadia keeps the ball constantly moving (strictly below head height!) and to encourage the intense feeling that 5-a-side soccer gives. You won’t find any cones or pug goals here!

Four Plus One is also affiliated with Chicago’s WCW FA which means you can expect quality, fun and tons of opportunities to play the game! Whether you have a Coed or Men’s team or are an individual, we have a spot for you on great purpose built 5-a-side courts!

Four Plus One adheres to the English FA’s 5-a-side rules as detailed here with certain WCW FA league modifications.